In recent years – before the county converted to core funding – SMMUSD would receive additional money to handle transfers between districts, but that`s no longer the case, employees said at a December meeting, which is a problem for a district that will face a budget deficit for the foreseeable future. The Board of Directors wishes to offer registration opportunities that meet the different needs and interests of district students. Upon request, the superintendent or applicant may authorize the transfer to another school to students residing in the district; Can accommodate students from other districts and can allow students to get out of the neighborhood. Intradistrict Permit/Open EnrollmentSees residing within the limits of SMMUSD may apply to attend a school other than their school with intradistrict authorization. This information is intended for students who live in Santa Monica or Malibu and wish to enrol in another SMMUSD school. Review of updated students residing outside SMMUSD`s borders and currently enrolled on an interdistrictary authorization in a SMMUSD school must submit a review of the update. This information applies to students, Currently enrolled in SMMUSD with an interdistrict permit. June 2020Outgoing Permit InformationStudents who reside within the boundaries of SMMUSD may apply to wait for a school outside SMMUSD on an outgoing interdistrict permit. This information is intended for students who live in Santa Monica or Malibu and who wish to enrol in a school outside the district.

To Escolar Unificado de Santa Ménica-Malibu Solicitud de Permiso Saliente – Espa`olLAUSD – LAUSD Permit Information Who refuses interdistrictical authorization to LAUSD, may appeal the decision within LAUSD. If this appeal is dismissed, an appeal can be filed with the Los Angeles County Board of Education (LACOE).