However, the violation of the custody decision, drug abuse, physical abuse, detention of visits or non-payment of family allowances sometimes cause the violation of the decision of custody of the children. In this case, the non-delinquent party should file a complaint of contempt in the Court of Succession and Family. If a parent decides to enforce the agreement in court, the parent who violates the agreement may change that agreement. If the court finds that the violation has harmed the child or is not in the best interests of the child, the custody contract could be amended. Shared custody is another form of child care. As part of this agreement, a child maintains a permanent relationship with both parents while living with both parents for a period of time. See our previous article on parental rights. It is obvious that some of these offences are much more serious than others, and in some extreme cases, you may be able to file a complaint against an ex who is a very serious violation of custody of the child. Contact one of our child welfare managers for more information on whether or not to take legal action for violation of your child`s custody by your ex.

While child custody or visiting disputes and violations can be serious, there are a few steps you can take to avoid them. The first step is to ensure that your child`s custody and visitation contract is effectively formalized and approved by the court. Thus, conservatory custody is legally applicable. Sometimes it is enough to know that an agreement is legally applicable to prevent infringements and litigation. In the law firms of Edward S. Cooper, Esq. Our legal team has extensive experience in caring for clients in Union County, Westfield, Linden, Elizabeth, Scotch Plains, Plainfield, Union and northern New Jersey. We understand that it can be incredibly frustrating for a legal agreement to be ignored by another parent. Lawyer Cooper will work closely with you and your family to find the right legal solution that meets your individual needs.

Whether you are able to settle your disputes abroad or demand litigation, we will protect your legal rights from start to finish. For example: Claire and Jonathan have two children and have been granted shared custody. The children live mainly with Claire, but on Wednesdays and alternative weekends with Jonathan. Jonathan is required to pay for child care, but he is back for more than 4 months. To force him to pay, Claire will not allow Jonathan to have the children during his planned period. Although Jonathan failed to do some of his obligations by not paying child benefit, Claire violated the child care system by appropriating „self-help.“ When such situations occur, it is advisable not to try to take matters into your own hands. You should first contact the appropriate authorities, such as the police, especially if the child has been missing or has been missing for some time. There are many reasons why your ex could violate the terms of your custody contract.

He can do it because he is angry at the time lost with his child; or the injury may be accidental. It is important that you assess each injury on an individual basis to determine if there is a pattern for the violation before bringing it to the attention of the court. For example, an offence may occur because your ex: If a parent violates the custody rules established by the court, he or she could be held in contempt.