If there is a verbal tenancy agreement with an uncertain permanent salary, it should not have been more than one year to be valid. An unknown term or more than one year invalidates the lease. What happens next depends on the tenant`s entry into the property, whether it is in possession and how the rent is to be paid. Many people who have invested in Cyprus by buying a house or apartment appoint agents to find paying tenants. It is above all a question of finding a tenant without worrying about who he is, his place of residence, whether he can pay the rent and without concluding a proper lease. Real estate is leased either by a verbal agreement or by a lease agreement that does not meet the legal requirements. Before signing a tenancy agreement (or sometimes called a „lease“), it is of considerable importance to carefully verify the terms of the contract, either as a lessor or as a tenant. While this type of arrangement may seem simple and simple, it would be wise to seek the advice of a jurisconsult or a lawyer, because by signing an agreement that you agree on its terms, but also on terms that are not expressly enshrined in the agreement, you are implicit in the law. Therefore, in order to avoid these unpleasant situations with the return of the deposit, each tenant should do the following before signing the rental agreement: It is also normal that long-term rental tenants pay the REFUSE tax, which is the equivile to the municipal tax in other countries. The invoices are payable to the municipality and are issued each year, usually towards the end of each year.

By law, a lease of real estate is not valid and enforceable for more than one year, unless it is signed in writing and at the end in the presence of at least two witnesses competent for signing and duly approved on behalf of the contracting parties. Moreover, an agreement whose importance cannot be certain or certain is ineffective. If the termination of the contract is necessary, the deposit is considered non-avenue (lost) before the end of the contract and the lessor can take legal action to recover the remaining monthly rents. Failure to comply with the above provisions results in the nullity of the agreement and creates legal problems for the landlord in the event of a dispute with the tenant. Property owners and their brokers have the right to refuse a rental offer if they do not provide sufficient proof of work/income/reference. It is no secret that if everyone signs a long-term lease for real estate in Cyprus, they should pay a deposit and fee for the first month. In addition, the deposit can be used for last month`s payment for apartment rentals through the agreement with the lessor. The electrical authorities of Cyprus (called EAC) will charge a deposit which will be refunded to you after the account closes.