11. SUB-CONTRACT. Advanced Security has the right to sign these services at its sole discretion, but is not limited to the repair, installation and monitoring of third parties or individuals under this Agreement. SUBSCRIBER is bound by an agreement that ensures all subcontractors used by Advanced Security to maintain the full power and effect of this agreement and the provisions that are maintained inside. 12. ADJUSTMENT OF TAXED INTEREST RATES. Advanced Security has the right at any time to increase the fees provided to reflect additional taxes, authorization fees, code changes or fees related to the provision of services, in accordance with the terms of this agreement, which may be imposed below by a utility company or a government enhanced security agency, as well as any processing costs incurred by Von Advanced Security; and SUBSCRIBER agrees to pay the same. 10. PREVIOUS AGREEMENTS. SUBSCRIBER acknowledges that they are not currently under contract with another monitoring company and believes that Advanced Security is not satisfied with all the resulting claims. SUBSCRIBER confirms that previous agreements have been denounced and that such an agreement will not be a means of terminating this agreement.

SUBSCRIBER undertakes to pay all costs, legal fees, expenses, debts, losses, receivables, judgments and remedies in the event of violation of this agreement. D. Under no circumstances is Advanced Security liable for more than, and the exclusive repair measure of subscribers for violating this limited warranty on the repair or replacement of defective devices sold under this contract, and Advanced Security will not be liable for personal or property damage, including, but not limited, to all general damages. , direct, special, exemplary, punitive, secondary or consecutive. This agreement exists between the „subscribers,“ the following, referred to as subscribers, and Advanced Security, LLC, as „Advanced Security.“ 16. TERMINATION. Advanced Security reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time, with or without reason, for any reason. Advanced Security`s termination of ABonna does not constitute a waiver of its rights to collect any fees that may be incurred or payable. Exit signals occur when ABONNA equipment sends excessive signals to the central monitoring station.

In the event that SUBSCRIBER`s supervised equipment incorrectly sends data to the central monitoring station, Advanced Security may terminate THE SUBSCRIBER`s non-legal damages account as soon as the defect is announced by phone or email to ABNTEN. 34. ALARM.COM INCORPORATED (for Alarm.com, GE, Interlogix, Simon, Qolsys Products and Services) You recently agreed to purchase residential or commercial security products and services from Advanced Security, an independent and operated security distributor.