Article 363 When executing a technical advice contract or a technical service contract, new technological services provided by technical equipment and the mandatory working conditions made available by the contracting entity are mandatory. New technological performance made by the customer with the fruits of the work of the obligatory belong to the customer. If the parties have different agreements, their agreements apply. Article 256 When the contracting authority is required to provide equipment, the contracting authority makes the market available. The client should review the material made available by the client in a timely manner and, if he or she believes he or she does not agree with the agreement, inform the client in a timely manner to replace, correct the defect or take any other corrective action. The procedures for accession to the treaties or multilateral agreements are as follows: Article 111 does not meet the agreed requirements, liability for infringement is assumed under the agreements reached by the parties. If liability for an offence is not established or is not clearly established and cannot yet be established under section 61 of this Act, the aggrieved party may, depending on the nature of the property and the amount of the damage, liability of the other party for the breach of contract, such as the remedy , the mark-up, the refund of the property or account as payment or remuneration. (2) contracts and agreements relating to territory and boundary delimitation; 4. The location of the dispute should go to the district where the Chinese defendant has its main place of business. Many foreign parties will seek an agreement for jurisdiction in a neutral district such as Beijing or Shanghai. It`s a mistake. First, the Chinese courts will simply ignore such agreements. Second, and more importantly, Chinese courts are reluctant to impose judgments on other districts, and they often ignore the injunctions of Chinese courts in other districts.

This means that if you receive a verdict in Beijing, but you have to impose it in Chengdu against your Chinese counterpart, you may not be able to do so. Article 4 The People`s Republic of China concludes agreements and agreements with other states in the name of: if an agreement between the parties on the content of an amendment is ambiguous, it is presumed that the treaty has not been amended. If the customer supplies the materials, he provides the materials in accordance with the contract. The contractor must check the materials provided by the client in a timely manner and, if they find that they are not in compliance with the contractual agreement, they inform the customer in a timely manner to replace them or provide what is missing or to take other corrective action. Article 2 This Act applies to bilateral or multilateral treaties and agreements as well as other instruments of the type of intergovernmental state or agreement between the People`s Republic of China and foreign states.