1.1 The loan under this contract is a working capital loan (medium- or short-term). The phased withdrawal, regardless of the date of payment staggered over a period, sets the interest rate for all interest rates set on the effective date of the loan agreement or the corresponding date and adjusted to the corresponding effective date of the loan agreement for the next period. 8.9.5 Contracting, leasing, stock restructuring, joint management, merger, acquisition, joint venture, division, decrease in equity, change in equity, capital transfer and other events that affect and compromise the rights and benefits of the sole repayment of Part B 5.3.1. Part A repays the entire principal of the loan to / M / D / Y; 7.1.9 In the case of the contract leasing, stock restructuring, joint operation, merger, acquisition, division, decrease in equity, change in equity, significant capital transfer and other activities that may affect the party`s right and interest, Part A informs Part B in writing at least thirty days in advance and obtains the written agreement of Part B. Otherwise, Part A does not perform the above activities until all the claims have been completed. 3.1 The amount of the loan of this contract is (in terms of words): 50 million RMB and (Arabic figures) 50,000,000 RMB. (If there is a discrepancy between the word and the number of Arabic numbers, the word is premium. The same below). 9.4 Once the treaty comes into force, a party will not amend or terminate the contract in advance, unless the treaty does otherwise have it. The modification or termination of the contract requires the written agreement of both parties by consultation. The loan agreement remains in effect before the written contract is signed.

As an efficient and convenient financing tool, working capital lending is one of the most popular credit products, characterized by short-term credit maturities, simple procedures, higher turnover and reduced financing costs. Billing day is the 20th of each month (the 20th of each month/last month of each quarter). If the 20th day is a non-bank work day, the interest rate settlement day is the next bank business day. Interest is paid into the principal at the maturity of the loan. 8.9.2 not to cooperate or to refuse to cooperate with the supervision of the contracting parties and the relative production, operations and financial activities of Part B; 5.1 Part A repays the amount of principal and interest of the loan that can be found with the principal under that loan, including, but not limited: 8.9 If Part A is involved in any of the following situations, Part A corrects it and takes corrective action that Part B is satisfied with within 7 days of receiving the notification of Part B.