In 2019, 3,477 learners were enrolled in vocational apprenticeship training, according to the Ministry of Education. Adult education learners are entitled to pay at least equal to the social minimum wage for unskilled workers. In this case, the conditions are of the species. L. 223-1 of the labour code. In 2020, the minimum social income is set at 2,141 euros per month. A high degree of caution should be exercised when dismissing an apprentice. When a court decides that dismissal is unfair, it may require the employer to pay the wages and training costs that should have been due for the rest of the apprenticeship and to grant other substantial gifts to reflect the harm to the apprentice`s future career, i.e. the apprentice`s inability to qualify and thus benefit from a future improvement in the income that the qualification would have resulted. This could be particularly costly if the individual qualified as an expert. B, for example electrician or plumber. Some apprenticeships are available because of the legal age (for example. B driving instructors) or because access is limited to DAP graduates of the same discipline (for example.

B Technician diploma (DT) „horticultural company“ only as part of adult training. Learners who are undergoing DAP or DT qualification training may have access to technical training in the area of their qualification (as part of higher education or higher than CEQ 5 (BTS) once the compulsory preparatory modules have been completed. These modules are usually offered in one year in public training centres. Preparatory modules can be followed during or after training for the DAP or DT qualification. a representative of the Chamber of Professional Work or a representative of the Ministry of Education for training of apprentices not dependent on a professional order, a representative of the Chamber of Workers a teacher The apprenticeship program results in three different levels of formal qualifications (degrees): see below a reminder of the specialized team of lifelong learning to understand your next steps in the implementation of an apprenticeship. Lifetime gives experts insight into the evolution and commissioning of your program and can provide resources such as learning contract templates. An apprenticeship contract will provide details on the terms of employment, working conditions and the apprenticeship program itself. Both the employer and the apprentice receive a copy of the retaining agreement.

– technical programme (general education diploma of higher secondary education, DFESG) (EQR level 4): 6,357 learners – 47.9% of pupils in higher secondary education (where apprenticeship is not offered as an option); Like an apprenticeship contract, approved English apprenticeship contracts have the status of a service contract, which means that an apprentice employed under an apprenticeship contract is only entitled to legal protection of the work.