I think you can mix Visual Studio Community Edition and Visual Studio Express Edition, the first limit you to use for only 5 users, the latter does not have such a restriction. Yes, I have read the licensing agreements and it does not say anything very clear. Edition: Thanks for all the help and advice, I end now because it seems like it`s really free!. Subject to clause (ii) above, Microsoft is only liable for slight negligence if Microsoft violates the essential obligations of the contract, the performance of which facilitates the performance of this agreement, the violation of which compromises the purpose of this agreement and of which a party can consistently trust („cardinal obligations“). In other cases of minor negligence, Microsoft is not responsible for slight negligence. Yes, you can use Express editions of Visual Studio and SQL Server to create personal and commercial code. Do you have more than 1 developer? The developer is the user of the Visual Studio software, not the rest of your employees. And if you have multiple developers, everyone can download and install their own copy. The license says that you can`t install it on a terminal server or RDS and that multiple developers use the same computer and the same Visual Studio installation.

I have here the 2017 license and the way I understand it is: The license is per user. I think you are limited to very small teams per organization. Visual Web Developer 2005 Express has no specific features, for example. B accessibility review, the ability to create classroom library projects, third-party extensions and macros. [11] Visual Web Developer 2008 Express SP1 supports classroom library and web application projects. [12] It also contains a new built-in HTML designer based on Microsoft Web Expression. However, this edition cannot publish self-developed websites. [Clarification needed] This question is more for my knowledge than anything else (since I recently replaced my community editions and Express editions with professional visual studio), I am well aware that Visual Studio Express is a very limited version, but there is actually something that says that small businesses actually prohibit using it on their machines. The Express is really free. It is not a :) I would stop to wonder why you want to use it, because there are almost no cases where your company is not the big loser of VisualStudio. It is free because it is basically only useful for learning and making products that block you at a really high cost on the road. Development studios are free for any large platform.

Don`t just jump into VS because you can get a free version. The odds are good, 99% of the time, you should run away. This license applies to the Visual Studio code product. Visual Studio`s source code is available in github.com/Microsoft/vscode under the license agreement placed under github.com/Microsoft/vscode/blob/master/LICENSE.txt. For more information on licensing, check out our code.visualstudio.com/docs/supporting/faq FAQ. These licensing terms are an agreement between you and Microsoft Corporation (or based on your place of residence, one of the related companies). They apply to the above software. The conditions also apply to all Microsoft services or software updates, unless they have different conditions.