FAST stands for „Founder Advisor Standard Template“ and was created by the Founder Institute. The FAST agreement is for a mentor or advisor who plays an advisory role in the company. To learn more about what a FAST agreement is, visit Eqvista and visit our blog and knowledge center. And if you haven`t started using Eqvista for your Cap table management yet, check out the app here. Contact us to find out more! But another reason the FAST agreement was created was to help both sides and protect them. The terms of the FAST agreement are outlined at these three fundamental levels of the idea, the startup and the growth phase and vary according to the commitment of each advisor in the company. As a result, we created „FAST“ (Founder / Advisor Standard Template), which defines the standard conditions and allows you to define a consultant agreement by simply crossing a few boxes and signing the polka dot line. The aim is to encourage greater cooperation between experienced creators and new founders, both within the founding institute and a-out. The FAST agreement is for a mentor or advisor who plays an advisory role in the company. After looking for an expert to help you, set your requirements and conditions to help you formulate the business plan, background research, networking, developing commercial contracts, acquiring investors and participating in business meetings. While you see the potential of your business, you also want to be fairly compensated.

As a startup, however, you cannot afford to fill your expertise and decide whether to sign a FAST agreement for your services. This document was published in 2011 and has been updated since then. In 2017, a version 2 of the Fast Advisor agreement was published, with a number of additional improvements, including: Founder, before giving equity to an advisor, decide if it`s worth it. If you generate income, can you afford to pay for it instead? If you can`t afford it, a capital agreement could be the beginning of a useful partnership. First-class companies can check Carta Launch if they need help issuing equity, whether they are consultants, investors or collaborators. The FAST consultant agreement contains important information that defines the contractual rules.