The Microsoft bp agreement includes a number of other co-innovation projects that aim to create synergies between the two companies` sustainable development initiatives. As part of the aerating contracts, BP will provide electricity from 2021 from new wind and solar projects in Sweden and Spain. In the first project announced under this agreement, BP AWS will provide 122 MW of new renewable energy capacity from one of the largest wind farms in Europe, in Vesternorrland, Sweden. The operation is expected to start in 2022. A new solar farm in Spain, which is expected to supply 50 MW to AWS from 2021, will also support the agreement. World oil and gas leaders are under pressure from environmental groups and institutional investors to meet the goals of the 2015 Paris climate agreement to limit warming. The deal is the latest in a series of remarkable new contracts announced by AWS this week at the Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. The agreement is part of BP`s sustainable electrical business, which includes agreements in the business sector. BP`s first-it cloud approach helps it simplify processes and increase productivity as part of its energy transition development strategy. In support of the energy transition, the companies announced in a separate press release that BP had signed sustainable energy agreements with Amazon Web Services, that AWS had signed two renewable energy projects with BP, which will provide over the next ten years more than 170 megawatts (MW) of wind and solar capacity in Sweden and Spain to supply energy to Amazon`s fill networks in Europe and central Amazon Web Services data. This creates problems for developers.

„There are some inherent challenges,“ says Jason Tate, Chief Operating Officer, European Gas and Power at Oil major bp. „Number one is that these projects need to be built on a large scale to achieve first-rate performance goals. And secondly, in the post-subsidized world, there is a real inefficiency of the market between obtaining financing from traditional projects and the classic Corporate Power Purchase Agreement. The deal comes as bp, which is undergoing a radical restructuring in the face of a drop in revenue, said it planned to double digital investment by 2025 as part of its aggressive business transformation. Today`s bp agreement is increasingly a data center company (including large co-lease providers that host a significant portion of hyperscalar cloud workloads) eye energy purchase agreements (PPAs): long-term electricity supply contracts „directly“ between producer and consumer, instead of relying on market mechanisms such as Ofgem`s original renewable energy guarantee system. bp announced in December 2019 a similar agreement with AWS as part of a major cloud migration, which will see more than 900 applications – including real-time oil and gas trading applications, SAP systems for large global staff and important databases that are currently located on AWS. (bp is a major user of AWS for its downstream applications, with azure confirming many upstream operations). „We were looking for a broader partnership than just a migration from the IaaS, which is why we announced the power agreement. Computing centres are very greedy for electricity, and we have an activity in the field of renewable energy…

It made sense. We knew, in doing this, that it was a bold statement. We had to wonder if we really knew what that meant, and the main goal was to stop transferring things to the local infrastructure, and in part we decided to leave our mega-data centers in Europe, the United States and Singapore.