Friend #2 is free to discuss the terms of this contract with anyone. Friend #2, however, it is forbidden to be a friend #1 as „The Person of the Contract“ or „My friend who is all strange to be friends. Friendships must be based on mutual interest and loyalty. If Friend #2 is a jolt, you`d better believe that the friend #1 will raise him and throw him directly into his friend`s #2. 16) I promise to laugh with at my best friend (unless they do something extremely funny or stupid) Simply download and print the friendship show contract down and badger a friend, loved man, or nearby animal to sign it. Then you tan in the satisfaction of knowing that, unless they take care of severe punishments, the people closest to you will be forced to take care of you forever. BE ES KNOWN, wird diese Vereinbarung an diesem Tag geschlossen, __#1_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________#2______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ An dieser Stelle wird Friend #2 and Friend #1 einen einmonatigen „EXCLUSIVITY PERIOD“ eingeben, in dem weder Friend #1 noch Friend #2 ihre coolen Funde mit anderen Freunden teilen. 3.1 If Friend presents #1 friend #2 a third friend, #2 and #3 friends cannot #1 best friends with any other BET than friend. My friends love it!! Happy and looking for more to buy with you… Keep your mind and be very lucky, but what if there was a way to be sure – really, really, 100% – that your friends had your well-being in mind at all times? There are now. I/We affirm and declare, under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, the United States and the State, that it was concluded voluntarily and without threat, promise, coercion and/or coercion of any kind. best gifts ever I seen.my frd is very happy to see this.really rust travail.et shipping time are so much special this quarantine period…

Consumers are so responsive .really I give 10 out of 10.marks for memorable gift.thanked so much 13) I promise to always be honest with my best friend (unless it`s a surprise party) This agreement will be imposed by the laws of the state of the 15) I promise to tell my best friend first to make your friendship day more memorable by giving this unique and amazing gift to your friends. When Friend #1 starts playing guitar, Friend has to #2 make statements of support like, „Now we groove!“ „You`re the one doing this, buddy!“ and „You`re doing even better than Blues Traveler!“ 1) I don`t promise to fall in love with your best friend. 3.2.1 Friend #1 favorite introduction is: „You wanted the best, you have the best! Ladies and gentlemen, friend #1 #1 #2 #2! »