In the context of the pan-European accumulation, it may be necessary to determine the original character of goods which are in free practice in the customs union but which are exported or used in the production of products for export to other countries under the pan-European cumulative system. To this end, Decision 1/1999 of the CE-Turkey Customs Cooperation Committee of 28 May 1999 (OJ L 199 of 20.12.1999) 204, 04.08.1999, p. 43), a „supplier statement“ submitted to the exporter and used by the exporter as evidence of origin under preferential agreements with other countries under the pan-European coordination system. It grants preferential tariffs (generally zero) for imports and exports between the European Union and Turkey. This is the case under the EU-Turkey Customs Union Agreement, which came into force on 31 December 1995. The intention was to allow industrial products to travel between the EU and Turkey without tariff restrictions. For all intents and purposes, most consumer products are included in this definition. A matrix has been published on our website to indicate the countries with which other Eurozone countries have agreements. You must check the matrix before issuing a Pan-Euro-Med original warranty.

If your product contains materials, components or parts originating from another Pan-Euro Med country, you must ensure that the country that supplied the materials, etc., has the necessary free trade agreements with the country in the area to which the goods are exported. If the required agreement does not exist, you cannot export the goods under the Pan-Euro Med cumulative scheme or under the guise of proof of EUR-MED origin. An ATR certificate is a customs document that can be used in Bij trade between EU countries and Turkey. The EU has a customs agreement with Turkey, which stipulates that most goods can be imported without customs duties. The goods must come from the EU or Turkey. This is stated in an ATR certificate. However, the scope of this customs union, which is based on the status of goods in free practice, is limited to products other than agricultural products within the meaning of Annex I of the Treaty of Amsterdam and to coal and steel products which are subject only to preferential agreements based on their original character.