In general, court proceedings are public affairs. In the vast majority of jurisdictions, this involves divorce proceedings. This means that if the court does not agree to leave the divorce proceedings under closure, submissions in divorce proceedings become public registration cases. There are exceptions to open court records, including the identification of children and victims of sexual abuse. In other words, the final divorce decree (and its details and contributory information) is sealed; The only people who can access it without a court order are the divorced spouses and their respective lawyers/cabinets. The records remain sealed for 100 years. „File“ lawyers, i.e. lawyers officially designated as representatives of a party in a case, can access these documents by going to the Clerkgehens County office and forming a formal application. Lawyers who are not mentioned in the case and wish to receive copies of these records must submit a signed letter to the district officer with the express permission of the plaintiff or defendant. In addition to a significant potential violation, a request for waterproofing of divorce proceedings must be closely adapted and should not be intended to clog more information than necessary. As a general rule, courts that agree to seal divorce notices only seal the amount of information needed to protect data protection interests. This may mean that parts of divorce applications are published instead of sealing entire documents. Simply put, the separation that leads to divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences, and the courts recognize that it is important to preserve the privacy of those involved so as not to increase stress and emotional upheaval.

To file for divorce in Michigan, one spouse must have resulted in 180 days or more in the state and county where the divorce is filed, 10 days or more before filing. The spouse who brings the divorce action is called a „plaintiff.“ The reason one or both parties may be concerned about this being made public is the level of private information it may contain. Can you have your divorce file sealed in Michigan, so be kept in front of the public? What steps should you take? Do you need legal advice? If you continue to read, you will find this answer and learn more about your rights during and after a divorce in this state.