The SavvyPrebuy service agreement sets out what you can expect from Savvy during the prebuy. Be sure to read it carefully before you register and let us know if you have any questions. Conduct a follow-up preliminary examination of the logbook to ensure that the aircraft is a good candidate for purchase and that there are no large show stoppers or red flags. We will conduct a preliminary log review free of charge, preferably before you enroll the aircraft in the Savvy Prebuy program. An aircraft purchase contract (APA) helps ensure the orderly transfer of ownership of an aircraft. With the growing popularity of private, luxury and business jets, the APA is becoming increasingly important. In this article, we explained the structure and content of an aircraft purchase contract. If you decide NOT to buy the plane and decide that Savvy manages a prebuy for you on another plane, we will transfer as much of the unused portion of your prebuy fee to the next prebuy as we can. The amount we can transfer depends on the amount of effort that was spent on the Prebuy before you unplugged the socket, but we try to be as generous as possible. We also report a contract to purchase a typical aircraft and a contract to purchase aircraft in PDF format.

Next, let`s discuss how Assets America® can help you finance the planes. Finally, we answer a few frequently asked questions about AAPs. For most of our customers, the cost is only half. When you buy the aircraft and place it under SavvyMx management (like most of our Prebuy customers), we write 50% of the prebuy fee on your annual administration fee for the first year of SavvyMx. In most cases, your net cost for our Prebuy s management is only $375 for piston singles, $500 for piston twins, etc. After L`Apa, the buyer pays the purchase price or consideration to the seller, who then transfers the property to the buyer. Businesses and individuals use APAs to purchase new and used aircraft. As a general rule, lawyers on both sides will structure and verify the APP. An orderly process helps flatten the entire transaction. IMPORTANT: Filling out this form is NOT an obligation to subscribe to the paid savvyPrebuy service and will not cost you anything.

There is no payment or obligation, unless you have a contract with a specific seller to purchase a particular aircraft and Savvy is formally in charge of managing your pre-purchase of that particular aircraft. Previously, we`ll be happy to help you for free. Buyers and sellers should negotiate the terms of purchase. This includes price, date, place of delivery, necessary repairs and all other important arrangements. The result may be one of several documents, including a Memorandum of Understanding (LOI), an agenda, an offer to purchase, etc.