As discussed in previous articles on examples of bargaining in the economy, a negotiator`s beliefs about negotiating ethics are influenced by cognitive biases. You may remember the days when an opponent of the negotiations was giving a false, apparently blatant testimony. If you`re like most people, you assumed the person was lying to get an advantage. … Read more When you are preparing to meet more than one party, the usual steps of bipartisan bargaining apply. … Read more leaders rarely see themselves as diplomats engaged in international diplomacy, but economic negotiators often find that these two areas share negotiating capabilities and negotiating techniques. Rightly or wrongly, diplomacy evokes images of frivolity, days that make them wander in exotic capitals, nights when you spent cruises with embassy cocktails. … Read more On the other hand, you consider the contract as another designed investor if it has been approached by a commercial banker who funds independent filmmakers. Although making films was a risky business, the banker had not lost money on his 41 loans, in part because he had maintained contacts on a global scale and then sold foreign rights. Dissatisfied with his remuneration as a bank employee, he considered setting up a film finance company.

To start this start-up, he sought an investment of $18 million to supplement the $2 million he was going to bring, and he offered 90% of the new business to the investor. To what extent should you open the conditions of competition to your counterpart in the negotiations? The question is whether you have an ethical obligation to educate an untrained buyer. … Many people think that the social contract is primarily a matter of employment relationship. But as we have shown, the social contract defines not only how the relationship will unfold, but also exactly what the true nature of the relationship is. Therefore, while the current social contract covers labour relations – including expectations for communication, consultation, decision-making, dispute resolution and renegotiation opportunities – the underlying social contract sets expectations for the fundamental purpose, scope and duration of the agreement. Nine months and a million dollars later, the company still did not have an agreement. I then resumed the negotiations and told the buyer that we were no longer interested in the terms and conditions they had proposed, and we left, unless the terms of price and agreement improved a lot for us. At that time, the buyer himself had spent a lot of legal fees and management time to come to an agreement, and they panicked when they lost the deal. So they admitted almost every point I wanted, including an increase in the purchase price, and we concluded the agreement in 45 days. The lesson, then, was that constantly awarding points (without getting anything) could lead to the exact opposite of what you were hoping for. If you make a point, make sure you are trying to get something in return.

In business negotiations, our mistakes sometimes concern not only the current agreement, but our best alternative to a negotiated agreement, or BATNA, in agreements that go the way. It`s a lesson that Ann Marie Gardner, founder and editor-in-chief of modern farmer fashion magazine, learned the hardest. … Read more Group negotiations are a fact of management life, but the results of teamwork are very unpredictable. Sometimes groups cooperate that find new solutions to lament problems, and sometimes, in struggles, they cause collapse. How can you predict when conflicts will arise in groups, and what can you do to stop it? Dora Lau of the University of China … Read more When times are running out, contracts are often broken. Today, on both sides of sales contracts, parties are finding it difficult to keep their promises and contract workers are finding it difficult to be paid by their employers. … Read pl